Now in stock a large range of Oil, Air And Fuel filters, Spark Plugs,Thermostats, Radiator Caps, Pennzoil Oil,Timing chain kits to suit most models, Timing Belt Kits, Hydraulic Valve Lifters, Water Pumps, Brass Welsh Plugs, Blank Gasket Material, all your oil seals - front and rear crank, camshaft, oil pump, balance shaft and valve stem seals all available seperately, Oil pumps, New and Reconditioned Cylinder Heads and a huge range of very affordable quality brake pads.

ACL RACE SERIES-tn The ACL Race Series of products is of a very high quality at a very competitive price. The range covers such models as: Holden straight 6 & V8, Holden V6 VN - VR Commodore, Ford 6 cylinder both the early 250 falcon and the later overhead cam models EA - EL, Ford 8 cylinder Cleveland and Windsor and the popular 350 Chev engine. New to the range is there ACL Race Series Forged pistons, this extends there range into the popular Japanese high performance engines including Nissan, Toyota, Subaru and Mazda.
AUTO MAINTENANCE & ADDITIVES - CASITE-tn A Huge range of Casite product now in stock. From aerosol maintenance products: engine de-greaser, brake cleaner, rust penetrator and lubricating oil & a fantastic carby & choke cleaner. Also a huge range of additives: power steering additive, 'Tranny Honey', Motor Honey, High Octane Boost, lead substitute, diesel fuel treatment, fuel injector cleaner to name but a few !
BRAKE PADS - FERODO-tn World leader in non-asbestos friction technology Largest friction manufacturer in the world Over 100 years of manufacturing excellence Most comprehensive range Major OE supplier Industry leading warranty
CROW CAMS-tn Crow Cam timing kits, valve springs & retainers, pushrods - (standard replacement, chromoly 3 piece, superduty 1 piece 0.080" wall heat treated high carbon steel and ultimate race pushrods) and of course camshafts - from standard replacement, high torque towing upto a full race camshaft.
DART RACING PRODUCTS-tn Dart automotive components are the answer if you are serious about your engine. All Dart products are state of the art and only use the best materials and manufacturing processes. A "bargain" component can wind up costing far more after the machining which will be required to make it usable.
 European Filtration Product Specialist 
European Filtration Product Specialist-tn Quote: 'With filters, as with so many other things, it is the inner values that matter most. Quality differences can no longer be recognized or identified at first glance. It is therefore all the more important that you should be given a defined level of quality right from the moment of choosing a certain brand. With MANN-FILTER you will always have the same quality as is supplied to the automotive manufacturers themselves. To ensure that this situation continues indefinitely we submit to regular certification audits carried out by an independent agency in compliance with the international standard TS 16949 as well as the OEM customer standards QS 9000 and VDA 6.1.'
FILTERS - PUROLATOR-tn A huge range of Oil,Air & Fuel filters from the trusted Purolator range of filters. Purolator filters meet or exceed OEM requirements, & are tested in accordance with the Society Of Automotive Engineers' test procedures, does your current brand ?
 Heavy Industrial & Off Road Filtration Specialist 
Heavy Industrial & Off Road Filtration Specialist-tn
MANN+HUMMEL PreLine®-tn Pre-Filter for diesel fuel. Excellent water separation for modern diesel engines.
ProVent®-tn Oil Separator for Closed & Open Crankcase Ventilation.
YELLA TERRA-tn Yella Terra has the worlds largest range of rocker types and ratio combinations to suit more engine and cylinder head types and performance demands than anyone. The range covers all the usual V8 type engines, BMC Leyland 'A' and 'B' Series, Nissan 'A' series, Rover V8 and Holden and Ford 6 cyl.