MANN+HUMMEL PreLine® img1 Pre-Filter for diesel fuel. Excellent water separation for modern diesel engines.
MANN+HUMMEL PreLine® img2The injection pressure in modern diesel engines has risen continuously in recent years due to higher performance requirements. The injection systems used have very high requirements regarding cleanliness of the fuel. This means that the fuel should contain hardly any particles and practically no water(condensate).
MANN+HUMMEL uses high performance multigrade media for the filtration of the fuel. The MANN+HUMMEL PreLine® series separates more than 93% according to ISO 4020 of water present in the fuel and so fulfils the requirements of leading injection system producers.

The perfectly matched interaction between the PreLine® pre-filter and the MANN+HUMMEL main filter offers maximum protection for the sensitive injection system and contributes to the economic running of your engine.

The advantages at a glance:

*Excellent water separation
*Ideal protection for the injection system
*Protection for the fuel pump
*Reduced wear
*Extended service life for the main filter
*Easy to service
*Easy filter change

The PreLine® filter system is designed for all vehicles with diesel engines up to a maximum line pressure of 4 bar. The filter is usually fitted in the area of the low pressure circuit before the fuel pump. The integration of additional functions such as a hand-pump, heater and water sensor allows the PreLine® pre-filter system to be matched to your specific vehicle requirements.