ACCREDITED TACC REPAIRER - DONALD GORRINGE SERVICE CENTRE img1 TACC Approved Repairer Tasmania Automobile Chamber of Commerce Auto Repair Code of Business Practice An accredited Member of the Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce, will: Upon request, supply a written quotation that cannot be exceeded by more than $100 without the customer's written authorization. Carry out, thoroughly and efficiently, any service or repair work that has been agreed to be done. Warrant all repairs against defective materials and workmanship under normal operating conditions for a period of 6 months or 10,000 kms. Accept responsibility for sub-contracted repairs and services. Ensure that all service and repair work is carried out under the supervision of competent and suitably qualified personnel. Make available, upon request, any replaced parts, including exchange parts, prior to returning to the manufacturer or supplier under warranty or exchange policy. Abide by the rules of the TACC Consumer enquiries and Complaints Handling Service in the event of an unresolved complaint from a customer. TACC Chairman
In a major customer-loyalty and road safety initiative, TACC has introduced Roadside Help for its accredited members.
Roadside Help is a loyalty-based scheme that began in October 2003 and operates 24 hours a day seven days a week. Under the scheme, vouchers are given to customers, free of charge, with their invoice when they have their car serviced.

These vouchers entitle them to assistance should they break down, have a flat tyre or battery, or run out of fuel. Already, over 4,000 Tasmanian motorists are protected by TACC Roadside Help.

TACC accredited repairers are adding value to their business while giving customers peace of mind at no extra cost. "Roadside Help enables small business to compete with larger businesses, and as it encourages customers to have their vehicles serviced regularly it will also mean better maintained and safer cars on the roads.

TACC and its accredited members are pleased to be contributing to the safety of Tasmania's roads and convenience of motorists. "I strongly encourage all motorists to look out for TACC Accredited Repairers participating in this program.