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Reconditioning img1 The latest in precision conrod machining. Our full engine machining workshop has all aspects covered, from a simple repairing a damaged thread, to offset grinding of a crankshaft and converting old cylinder heads to take unleaded type petrol.
This is our latest piece of equiptment, an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. Used for checking cylinder bore thickness, checking thickness on cylinder head ports and many more useful applications.

The Serdi cylinder head machine work station is the latest in cylinder head reconditioning equiptment.

We also machine flat or stepped flywheels, polish and grind crankshafts, engine balancing, cylinder head port work, electro-magnetic crack testing, wet bead blast parts, cc engine for specific compression ratios, machine cylinder heads to take roller rockers, bigger valve springs, unleaded and gas type valve seats, screw in rocker studs etc.
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